A concert of sea, sun and sky…the spell of Sperlonga…the mystery and beauty of an historic centre…such is the enviable and spectacular setting for the Hotel Corallo, its very name promising wonder and charm.

The hotel has recently been redesigned, fitting perfectly within the panorama of Mediterrannean scenery which is the essential Sperlonga, a refined and unique seaside resort. After taking in the stunning views, or after a revitalising dip in Sperlonga’s crystal clear waters, the hotel’s soft, warm hues inspire an inner peace.

The colours of the hotel interiors are in fact a restful alternative to the stark beauty of the beaches and mountainous backdrop.To sip an aperitif on the hotel terrace, viewing nature’s extended scenario, gives the ethereal feeling of floating between heaven and earth... a desire for total relaxation. Aside from the sea and natural environment, the guest can enjoy a cultural aspect of Sperlonga in the Archaeological Museum and famed ancient Roman grotto of Tiberius... nostalgic steps into the past, with all its associated emotions. The Hotel Corallo welcomes the tourist with warmth and cordiality...a holiday here is lived as a dream.