Your vacation in Sperlonga

Hotel Corallo

In a symphony of sun, sky and sea; in the enchantment of Sperlonga; in the heart of its historic center, picturesque and mysterious; in an enviable and spectacular location, lies the Hotel Corallo, which already in its name holds promises of charm and wonder.

Sorbing an aperitif on the hotel’s terrace, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, allows you to feel as if suspended between earth and sky, having as reference only your desire to relax, which here is truly total.

The guest is spoiled for choice, because, in addition to the natural and seaside, there is the cultural aspect with the Cave of Tiberius and the adjoining Archaeological Museum, which allows a dip in the past.

The return to the hotel, sees the Corallo welcome tourists with his warmth, his friendliness, so as to make him live the dream of a vacation, now such, without interruption.

The Hotel is located in a pedestrian area (ZTL) so, 24/48 before arrival, you must communicate the license plate of your vehicle.

Corallo Hotel hall

Enjoy your next vacation

Corso San Leone, 3 (historic center)
04029 Sperlonga (LT) – Italy
Tel. +39 0771 548060
Fax +39 0771 557450